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Vida Wellness Mural

January 2021

9 x 19 feet

Acrylic on Drywall

This mural is located inside Vida Wellness in Concord, NC. Vida Wellness was the winner of a mural contest held for Latinx business owners in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

It focuses on life’s many cycles and shows new beginnings are always on the horizon. The first wall shows the different stages of the lotus flower blooming at dawn to symbolize the beauty that can rise from the mud. On the next wall, a hummingbird, signifying perseverance, peace and love, hovers over the full flower. This is to symbolize what we attract when we let ourselves bloom. Then we come across a wooded path signifying our journey, dappled with both sunlight and shadows. The dandelion on the door gently blows in the wind and as the pappus takes flight, it evolves into blue birds rounding the corner and leading you back to the beginning. Energy does not die, it simply transforms.

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