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Irisol Gonzalez-Vega is a multidisciplinary artist and muralist born in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, and who immigrated to North Carolina, USA, at age 10. She uses her background in psychology and political science to investigate and expose the complexities and ramifications of gender roles in Latin American culture. Gonzalez-Vega situates her practice in direct observations and personal experience, while in conversation with traditions, historical events, academic research, and feminist theory. She questions the psychological, developmental, social, and political structures that have contributed to the construction and internalization of machismo within the individual and collective consciousness. She uses mixed media installations, sculptures, and paintings to create seductive environments that unveil and confront misogyny and colonial patrimonies of violence. The work reflects on the imagined and material power-dynamics that are established by their intersections with gender, and on how these social constructs are conditioned to be accepted, operated, and maintained by woman. 

Irisol is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Art in painting and printmaking at Yale School of Art. She has exhibited work at Queens University, Mint Museum Randolph, Mint Museum Uptown, CAM Raleigh, and Goodyear Arts among others. She completed a residency at McColl Center in 2022, a Fellowship with the League of Creative Interventionists in 2021 and was an Inaugural ASC Emerging Creator Fellow in 2020.

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