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South Main Book Company Mural

June 2022

20 x 12 feet

Acrylic on Drywall

For the second mural, we wanted to focus on concepts of concealed history, hidden truths, the unseen parts of people, understanding, validation, and love for the self and others. The green background is a map of Salisbury with some pieces missing. I put history under a magnifying glass.

I added the Rorschach inkblot to ask what we see in the ink and examine how we respond we see ourselves reflected in it.

Books provided to me by the owner for inspiration:
- Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder
- See No Stranger by Valerie Kaur
- Where Men Will Win Glory by Jon Krakaver
- Stranger Care by Sarah Sentilles
- How The Word is Passed by Clint Smith

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