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Machismo #1

November 2019

16 x 20 inches

Acrylic on Linen

This is the first work of my Machismo series, currently in progress. The curtains framing this piece allude to a trend in Latin American culture with ornate window dressings. The curtains end up being one of the nicest things in the house.


We focus on the wrong things. It’s as if we care more about the frame on a piece of art than it’s actual content.  We put more effort into how we are portrayed on the outside rather than valuing each other.  It becomes an act at the end of the day.


The woman’s identity doesn’t matter, which is why her face is covered by tape. She is behind the curtain because she’s not allowed to interact with the audience, or even look at them. Her focus is solely on him. He is free from the background and able to interact with the audience as he pleases. 


In direct contrast to the woman, you see the man framed in an intricate golden halo because he was born a saint. Women, however, must earn their halos. Even then, they are still not as powerful as men.


Her purpose is to serve time. A play on words, this woman is imprisoned by her service to the man. She prioritizes his time before her own and overextends herself to serve him.

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