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Novant Health Innovation Lab Mural

August 2022

This mural honors the past, present, and future of science and its intricate relationship with technology. Here, nature and technology are interconnected with innovative ideas and art. 


The metaverse is that of a landscape. In art history, landscapes usually symbolize spaces to be admired and conquered. This digital landscape serves as a metaphor for the individual and collective journey and the excitement of discovery. On the bottom left-hand side is the skyline of Charlotte with a raining binary code matrix that translates to, "We believe that the best way to shape the future is to create it.” Across the landscape, an EKG reading reminds us that people are at the heart of Novant’s purpose.


In the top right-hand corner the faint contour lines of the magnolia flower can be detected. Native to the region, this flower contains medicinal properties, reminding us of the plants in which healthcare found its start. Behind them, a sky gradually changes color to signify the progress of ideas, science, and technology over time. Our past and present understanding is a map to a future of infinite possibilities.  


In the center, the viewer is presented with a modern depiction of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, as though under an X-ray machine. Within the box, imagery of a motherboard fades and changes as it flows outwards, first into a single strain of DNA, and then into the shape of a brain on the right side. It appears wispy to allude to the intangible nature and almost magical essence of the mind. This piece aims to inspire creative solutions, wonder, and transformation.


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