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the condition of latin america.jpg

The Condition of Latin America


2 x 4 feet

Acrylic on Canvas


The Condition of Latin America is a reaction piece to a book called "Open Veins of Latin America," which discusses the exploitation of Latin America for the sake of industrialized nations. ⁠


You’ll see natural resources like cacao, bananas, rubber and coffee, which will be taken away and consumed in another country. You’ll also see deforestation, mining, pollution, and shantytowns in the shadows of a gleaming city that was built for businesses and tourists.


There are no people present because I wanted the environment to be the focus.  All these resources are being taken out, but nothing of value is coming back in.⁠ I wanted you to feel a sense of beauty in the beginning, but also the life being sucked out of the area.


This piece was exhibited in 2019 at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, NC alongside Almendro.

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