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Climate Change Mural

October 2020

14 x 29 feet

Acrylic Paint on Brick


This public mural is located at ThExchange off of Tyvola Rd at 77 Center Drive. It was created for TALKING WALLS WKND 2020.

This piece is a commentary on climate change. It features a Costa Rican artisan wagon pulled by two jaguars and led by a little girl. In the wagon, you'll see the precious parts of our Earth we must protect. The wagon is Mother Nature's version of Noah's Ark, being led by who I believe is the key to our future. Look closely to spy the rose from Beauty and the Beast, a reminder that we're running out of time to love our beasts. ⁠⠀
The girl and the jaguars are walking along a path of jewels to signify that once we cast aside our obsession with material items, we'll find our way forward to change. If we can work with nature and not against it, even the untamable wild can lead us through the rising seas.

Photographer: Ernesto Moreno Photography

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